Ideas & Inspiration for Rage is Back

(Recommended by Stephanie D-M)

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From Worldcat:

Traces the misadventures of eighteen-year-old Brooklyn resident Kilroy Dondi Vance, a pot-dealing scholarship student whose legendary graffiti-writer father returns after a long absence to sabotage the mayoral campaign of his nemesis, the MTA police chief.

Title-specific resources for your Book to Art Club:

About the suggested projects:

Even if you're a little hesitant to bust out the spray paint in relation to this book, you can still try experimenting with color and texture in a Book to Art project related to Rage is Back. Try a multimedia collage, using layered magazine pages or newspaper, cardboard, transparencies, or foam to test out different surfaces, and experiment with different kinds of art supplies. Try incorporating your name in graffiti lettering.