Ideas & Inspiration for Shades of Grey

(NOT to be confused with 50 Shades of Gray by E.L. James!)

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Find this title at a library near you (British edition).

From Worldcat:

Welcome to Chromatacia, where for as long as anyone can remember society has been ruled by a Colortocracy. Social hierachy is based upon one’s limited color perception. society is dominated by color. In this world, you are what you can see, and Eddie Russett, a better-than-average red perception wants to move up.


Title-specific resources for your Book to Art Club:


About the suggested projects:

Bring on the color!  This off-kilter yet exhilarating book is all about the color spectrum and the question of how we perceive color.  Play in whatever medium you’d like with colors, black, white, and grey/gray.  Charcoal, oil pastels, paint – anything that allows you to vary shades by tiny degrees.  Gradients can be especially interesting to explore.  Oh, and spoons.  Have fun!